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The Firm

Ushinakizaka Law Office has been founded by Kotaro Kimura, a Japanese lawyer with experience since 1995 in intellectual property dispute resolution, especially patent litigation.

Mr. Kimura is also well experienced in international business transactions including contract drafting.

In 2015 Daisuke Okeda, who is well experienced in entertainment law, joined the firm to make a partner.

Major clients of ours include leading Japanese companies, especially manufacturers, such as daily use consumer products, printing, chemical products and tele-communication. Our clients also include companies engaged in entertainment business.

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The Firm

  • Ushinakizaka Law Office
  • Akasaka Tango Bldg., 4th Floor 7-15 Akasaka 4-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
  • Phone:81-3-6426-5391 Fax:81-3-6426-5392
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