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KIMURA, Kotaro

KIMURA, Kotaro Attorney-at-law (licensed in Japan)


1995 Registered with Tokyo Bar Association (Attorney-at-law)
2012 - 2007 Visiting Professor, School of Law, University of Tsukuba
Up to now - 2007 Lecturer, Master of Intellectual Property Course, Tokyo University of Science


1999 School of Law, University of Virginia (LL.M.)
1993 Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo

Job History

April 2011 Founded Ushinakizaka Law Office
2011 - 2006 Takeda Law Office
2006 - 2003 Jones Day (Tokyo office)
2003 - 2000 Yuasa & Hara
2000 - 1999 Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur (Columbus, Ohio)
1998 - 1995 Yuasa & Hara

Practice Areas

  • Litigation and dispute resolution concerning intellectual property law (patent, trademark, copyright and unfair competition prevention law)
  • International business transactions such as license and joint venture
  • General corporate matters



  • "Reading Patent Cases in the United States" Shoji Homu Kenkyuka, 2001
  • "How to Win a Patent Litigation" Chuo Keizaisha, 2003


  • "Present situation and problems in the use of arbitration over intellectual property disputes in Japan" NBL Vol.756, 2003
  • "Basic Principals of the United States Patent Law" Research on the Practice of Law Vol.18, Tokyo Bar Association, 2003
  • "International Court Jurisdiction and Governing Law in Intellectual Property Litigation" Research on the Practice of Law Vol.20, Tokyo Bar Association, 2005
  • "Practical Issues in Patent Licensing – (I)Registration of patent licenses and (II)Licensing of pre-issued patents" Intellectual Property Management Vol.59 No.6, 2009
  • “Decision Affirming International Jurisdiction of Japanese Court in Suit for Infringement of Japanese Patent by a Korean Corporation” Intellectual Property Management Vol.62 No.1, 2012

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